Superunner Steering System Conversion - 80-96 F-150/Bronco

Superunner Steering System Conversion Kit

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Your Selected Product Fits These Vehicles

  • 1980-1996 Ford Bronco
  • 1980-1996 Ford F-150
What is this?View Complete Details
  • This is a Superunner steering system conversion for a1980-1996 Ford F-150/Bronco 4WD
  • Designed for 4” to 6” lift systems.
  • Converts to an idler arm / centerlink design that improves the “phasing” between the tie rods and axles.
  • Superunner conversion kit works with Superlift Suspension lift kits associated with Ford applications
What does it include?
  • Centerlink, idler arm bracket, idler arm, inner and outer tie rod ends, and all hardware needed for installation.
  • Detailed instruction manual walking you step-by-step through the lift kit installation procedures suitable for do-it-yourselfers (DIY) or professional installation.

Superlift's award-winning steering system is available for all vehicle models equipped with Ford's Twin Traction Beam (TTB) suspension. It consists of a centerlink, an idler arm and mounting bracket, and two tie rod assemblies. The system is compatible with most name brand 4" to 6" lift kits. The vehicle must be lifted no less than 3.5" and no more than 6", plus be equipped with a Superlift brand dropped pitman arm (purchased separately).  This Superrunner Steering Conversion kit works with Superlift Suspension lift kits associated with Ford applications.

Fords with TTB suspension are known for their somewhat vague steering feel. On off-camber or less than ideal driving surfaces, continuous corrective steering input is required to keep the vehicle pointed straight. When the vehicle is raised, these inherent tendencies are magnified. To correct this concern, you must: (1) minimize tie rod angles, and (2) improve steering tie rod-to-axle beam "phasing"... the tie rods' arc of movement should better match the axle beams' arc of movement.

These two factors greatly impact drivability. When this geometry is askew, the vehicle experiences excessive toe-in/toe-out variations as the suspension travels, resulting in the Ford TTB version of bump-steer.

Superlift offers two methods to improve steering traits. Our dropped pitman arm reduces some of the additional steering linkage angle created by increased ride height. Our pitman arm, used with our Superunner Steering System, further reduces tie rod angles. The new tie rod assemblies, more proportional in length to the axle beams, improve phasing.

On most lifted Fords, installing our dropped pitman arm alone will result in satisfactory steering characteristics. The dropped arm, used in conjunction with our Superunner Steering System, delivers optimum steering traits.

  • Installation time: 2 hours
  • Difficulty level: 1 of 5
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Adam S. Verified Buyer
10 September 2020
Box was slightly damaged during shipping. White and blue/green grease is everywhere inside box.
Blake Smith Verified Buyer
8 February 2017
I have heard nothin but
I have heard nothin but good about superlift and now I can confirm it's true great products and very helpful customer service.
Richard Y. Verified Buyer
28 November 2018
Food for thought
I already had this system on my bronco.the ball joint on the main arm went out and it is welded in so I had to buy a new system for one bad ball joint. Why is that ? But I do love the system.
Terry T. Verified Buyer
11 July 2021
Ok but one of the tie rid boots were missing and they were not labelled what side went where